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More than just a loan. Work one-on-one with your account manager to create custom-tailored financial solutions that match your business flow.

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You have a business to build so we don’t make you wait. We guarantee a response within 24-48 hours and funding within a few days of approval.

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We are here to help every step of the way from completing your application to receiving funding. We are dedicated to your success.

Bridging The Gap

We help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you are heading. We serve small and mid-size businesses across the U.S. and Canada delivering comprehensive custom working capital solutions

Grow Your Business Your Way

Accede Funding Solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of SMBs. Our innovative financial products empower
you to build your business on your own terms

Lines of

Accede helps small businesses access the line of credit they need to take advantage of unexpected business opportunities, as well as coverage for seasonality, slow receivables, expansion and operational costs.

We provide startup funding for new companies and rehab or gap funding for real estate investors and other business’s alike. Our credit lines are unsecured, so no deposit or collateral is required. These lines also do not report to personal credit; helping our clients keep their personal credit sheltered and separate from business activities. Lastly, our credit lines are revolving, and can be used continuously.

We implement solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business. We approve businesses by looking at a variety of business data in real-time, not just a credit score. Minimal paperwork and no waiting in line. Receive credit lines up to $300,000 interest free for the first 6-12 months! You will also have access to an online portal with real-time decisions from the various banks that we work with, as well as your own personal relationship manager that will keep you up-to-date throughout the approval process as well as address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the way.

Get started by receiving a free and confidential, zero obligation offer estimate by filling out the pre-qualification form below. You will be contacted by a member of our team and notified with a funding estimate within 24 hours.

Secure your business with the flexibility of a revolving business line of credit.

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Type of Line

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By signing & faxing or emailing us your application, you certify that (i) you are authorized to apply on behalf of the company whose full legal name appears above under the Company Information portion of the Loan Application for a business loan from us and (ii) all information you provide within the Loan Application and other supporting documents is true and complete and that you will notify us of material changes to such information. You understand & agree that we and our agents and assignees are authorized to contact 3rd parties to make inquires in evaluating your Loan Application (including requesting business & personal credit bureau reports from credit reporting agencies and other sources) or for any update, renewal, extension of credit bureau name and address. You understand and agree that we may provide credit & other information from the Loan Application and on the signing individual(s) & the company with 3rd parties who may use the information any lawful purpose, including for the purpose of oaring credit and/or other products & services to the signing individual(s) and/or the company.

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About Us

Accede is a tenured team of financial experts and business innovators. We understand your need for fast funding, competitive merchant accounts, modern technology, and personalized financial solutions.

Our solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs taking into consideration your industry and current business volume. We are proud to be a long-term partner for startups and small and mid-size businesses, including businesses who fall in the high-risk category.

We take pride in helping you create sustainable business outcomes, which is reflected in our client-first approach. Your personal account manager works with you one-on-one to determine how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you are heading.

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